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o Mollas and Thane HPP Projects

Delia Group Sh.p.k. (the Concessionary Company) has, by signing the BOT Concession Contract with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy (METE) obtained the opportunity to invest in two hydropower plants; HPP Mollas (20 MW) and HPP Thanë (3.9 MW) located in the Commune of Mollas, Elbasani District and the Commune Fier Shegan, Fieri region respectively. The company is responsible for the financing, development, construction, operation and the maintenance of the two hydropower plants for a period of 35 years, which can be extended. The company is now looking for a financially and technically reliable partner to finance, construct and operate HPP Mollas.
HPP Mollas has an installed capacity of 20 MW and its general power output is more than 100 million kWh p.a. The costs for the development of the project amount to around 30 million Euros. The gross annual revenues projections for HPP Mollas are about 5 million Euros per year. The IRR is 15% for the whole period of the investment.