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•  Pedestrian and bicycle paths with runway in the Tirana's Artificial Lake Park.

This facility procured by Contracting Authority of the Municipality of Tirana, which has a value of 274 million ALL, is a valuable investment for the community and the city of Tirana. Delia Group is working seriously and with great precision so that the citizens of Tirana can make the most of the innovations that these paths dispose. The project features a 2800 m long runway made up of the best quality brick dust, thus facilitating people running in the quiet park environment. It also features a 6500 m long bicycle runway that will be built with high quality asphalt. As far as preserving the nature is concerned, this object protects the environment and Delia Group will enable the growth of vegetation around the track.


•  Contract TAP-OPLA-SPI-002, between Spiecapag and Delia Group

This project consists of two squares contracted by TAP Albania. The first square serves for the storage of TAP gas pipes. The second square is a rest camp for machinery etc. Works carried out as excavations, fillings, drainage and fencing have been highly evaluated by partner company Spiecapag and contracting authority TAP Albania.


•  Reconstruction of the National Road Qelez, Puke

This project contracted by the Albanian Development Fund (ADF) has a value of 442 million ALL and is one of the many investments made in the city of Puke. It has a length of 12.8 km. It is an investment that has made possible the connection of the village of Qelez with the national roads of Puka and Fushe Arrez.


•  The Segment Rubik-Rreshen (Lot 3) of the motorway Durres-Kukes

It is 8 km long and it has a value of 13 million dollars.  This was a completely new construction and presented many engineering challenges due to the complexities of the geology in the region. Excavations, fillings, culverts, and the building of 7 bridges with a cumulative length of over 700 meters and heights ranging from 13 meters to 20 meters were successfully carried out in a difficult rocky, mountainous region. This and other similar projects, add to our company’s expertise, which enables us to deliver excellent services to our future clients. In the same motorway we have worked as a sub-contractor for Bechtel-Enka, which has also been a fruitful experience.


•  The segment Komoran-Arllat of the motorway Prishtine-Peje (M9) 

It is over 5 km long and it has a value of 12 million Euros.